Kaila of Ottawa, Canada
August, 1989

Welcome to
Glendrover Briards!

We are located in what is known as the Lakes Region here in central Maine. With 5 lakes within walking distance of home, it has become an activity of choice to take the dogs for a daily swim on those hot, humid days during the summer. There is nothing like a soaking wet Briard on a steaming hot day!

Having bred this wonderful breed for the last 35 years, we have kept true to our roots by consistently concentrating on a well-rounded Briard that can go from the family farm into the show ring, and win against the top competing Briards that the US and Canada has to offer. The Glendrover Briards who go into the performance ring are among the top placing Briards of all time, year after year making us proud to have bred such dogs with great work ethics.

Aiko and Jockomo
June, 2002

Placing a good portion of our puppies within families where the hustling and bustling of children and their friends are a constant, outstanding temperaments are not only desired, but insisted upon. Our foundation studs and dams were chosen for rock steady temperaments, as well as their beautiful appearance and their "true to type" conformation. Glendrover Briards are active in all areas of showing, whether it be conformation, herding, agility or obedience, and they do whatever is asked of them with such enthusiasm, they are a joy to behold.

So, whether you are new to the breed and are at the information gathering stage, a repeat Glendrover owner who demands that "Ranger" temperament in your next dog and want to know if any of his decedents are now being bred, or a former Braird owner who wants to experience a Briard of a more welcoming nature, please enjoy whatever brought you to this site and our introduction to the Glendrover Briard and...... thank you for stopping by!